March 17, 2012


I was truly honored when one of my favorite yoga teachers contacted me to schedule a shoot. Cindy is an amazing teacher and I always come into her classes excited as well as nervous. Sounds, odd, but let me explain. When her word of the day, presented at the beginning of class is something like 'community' I'm excited. When her word of the day is something akin to 'stamina' I get nervous. Still excited, but I know I'm going to get my behind kicked in class. Her classes are challenging, but playful and I appreciate her dedication to both yoga as well as her students. I only shot one frame of film at the end of our shoot, but I'm glad I did as it is easily my favorite shot of the day.


brandis said...

One of the best yoga shots I've seen. Beautiful, yet actually feels like yoga instead of someone taking a picture of yoga.

genessee said...


ann said...

beautiful, genee! And I feel the same way when I go to her class ;)