January 19, 2011

Paris - En Couleur, Part Deux

These might need some explanation. The top picture was taken after the proposal on our last guided day of the tour. Then it was off to Versailles, one of the highlights of my trip. The church there is the Basilique Sacré-Coeur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart) located in the place where Amélie was filmed. I only wish it were a clear day when we visited there instead of a cold, cloudy night. The view would have been spectacular. The Arc de Triomphe follows, built to honor soldiers coming home from battle. The traffic circle that surrounds it is a wonder in itself...a scary wonder.

The rest were from my adventures in the city. Accordion man in the metro was soo Paris to me that I had to take a picture as were the colorful or old doors I saw. I do love taking pictures of walls. And if you've seen the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop, you'll notice the Space Invader street art I found on the walls. I also saw some Shepard Fairey art, but it was while we were driving in the bus. Then I stumbled upon the Pont des Arts bridge aka "Pont de L'Amour" and all its locks of love.

Next, my only self portrait, taken behind the Notre Dame. I'll go back one day when there's a lot of foliage.

The rest of the pictures were people from my tour group who I went with to see the catacombs. It was waaaay too dark in there to take any pictures, but it was quite amazing.

And finally birds flying in the plaza of the Notre Dame. 

There were some things I just could not photograph (since it was banned) such as the D'Orsay museum where I got to see all my favorite French Impressionist art and Ladurée, famous for their macarons. 

Hope you enjoyed a peek at Paris through my eyes. I wasn't in London long enough to take as many pictures, but they're coming soon. :)

Canon AE-1, Fuji 400H 


Anonymous said...

Genessee! LOVE your Paris photos, they make me reminisce about the summer I spent there for summer school abroad during undergrad. These photos are also WAYYYY better than my clumsy prints from back then. Such a beautiful city.


jamie said...

i LOVE the pic of you!!! you should sell these :)

Anonymous said...

Stonehenge! Love the pics! Have always thought of visiting, someday. That pic I was trying to describe to you from Paris was the fence and the picture frame or wall design (would have walked right passed and you turn it into art!). You've got a gift!