August 30, 2010

Downtown - Los Angeles

Took the metro one summer day and went to Grand Central Market, Tom's Bench and Angels Flight, the shortest and seemingly steepest rail ride for a quarter. Then we headed to Hollywood for some Umami (not pictured). I'm a sucker for beat up, dilapidated walls. THAT's why I love urban areas. 

About the post...I only had my wide lens, which I rarely use now. I've cropped some of the pictures and realized that I cropped them to a 50mm perspective. Also, the film stock was just generic film from Walmart. Eh. Either way, I think that all those things add to the feel of a downtown shoot out. I was craving my 50 though...if not my medium format. (END photography geek-out...)

Can you tell which shot I took, without looking, from my hip?

Canon EOS-1, Fuji Superia 800


ann said...

I'm going to guess the diner shot! :). Do I get a prize if I'm right? Hehe.

sal said...

rows and rows of candy captured perfectly. I love the color, in addition to the sugar content.

sal said...
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