January 31, 2010

Thailand - Post #1

You know you're in Alaska when...there are bears in your hotel lobby...

It's been a while since I've posted, but it's only because there is so much to sift through! I ended 2009 and began 2010 across the world in Thailand via Alaska (not planned, engine trouble) and Korea. I went out there with some close friends and some family to attend Ann and Roy's wedding. I know these pictures aren't from Thailand, but it was quite the adventure getting rerouted to Alaska. And, I'd like to think that God had a hand in us being there for the sake of my pictures. Because, without this guy

and Stewart's Photo Shop there would be no Thailand pictures to speak of!

My beloved AE-1 broke as I loaded the first roll of film at LAX. I tried not to be disappointed as we boarded our first flight to Korea, especially since it was just the beginning of the trip. I just took it as a sign that I was supposed to enjoy the trip as a vacationer and not as a photographer. It just killed that I had gone through all the trouble of going through security with about 30 rolls of film and that I wouldn't get to flex my film muscles overseas in a country that I may not ever visit again with the same group of people. And, for this trip, I didn't bring any of my other equipment since I knew we'd be shuffling around a lot. I knew the AE-1 was built tough and is the least expensive of all my equipment, and it used the best time to demonstrate that quality. Boo.

So off we go to our 12 hour layover in Korea and 6 hours into the flight they reroute us to Anchorage where we were delayed for half a day. In the Anchorage map/tourist brochure I sought out any kind of camera store. And sure enough, Stewart's was there listed as the ONLY camera store in Anchorage, and after speaking with the bellman at our hotel, it just happened to be on the block directly behind the hotel, just a short walk away!!!! I know I probably paid too much for the "new" AE-1 body, but I was too ecstatic to care. So all I can say is...

God bless Alaska.

Here's a "Thumbs Up!" to you.

The REAL Thailand posts are still to come. Stay tuned!


Katherine said...

Wow. And all that happened at the beginning of the trip. Hehe. Can't wait for your Thailand post(s)! :)

reyjay said...

Good job, Gen.
I'm jealous! My last blog post was in August '09. I've been dragging my feet to update and Facebook DOES NOT HELP!