October 12, 2009

Another Half - Long Beach

I can't believe it's been only two and a half months since my last run! It feels like this was ages ago. Well, this Sunday I finally finished the series. Huntington Beach in February, San Francisco in July, and now Long Beach in October! I'm really glad that I finished this one, since life has been hectic lately.

These race-day pictures courtesy of Joon's iphone.

With my fellow runners...Congrats to Robyn and Jay who finished the series too!

Again...silliness...I thought it was funny to run next to the sign as if I were running the half again. I know, lame. Gotta love those endorphins...

And now for the bling...1 surboard medal + 1 san fran medal + 1 lbc medal = ...1 big honkin' California medal!!!!

It even makes a bling sound when it hits the other medals!

I wonder what race I'll do next...

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