July 29, 2009

Kristin & Katherine - Redondo Beach

Kristin and I taught in LA together for two years. We both graduated from UCLA TEP two years apart with the same advisor and the same thesis topic, and yet we didn't meet each other until she came to teach at my school where we became good friends. She is an awesome teacher and I attribute my success in teaching kindergartener to her. In February she gave birth to her first child, Katherine Jean. I visited the two yesterday to catch up and take some pictures. It was my first time meeting Katherine, who is now 5 months old. Thank goodness she wasn't camera shy! In fact, (!photo geek alert!) I found a Canon 40D with a 24-70L that her father uses. Since I don't have that lens I was more than happy to borrow it for a bit while I took pictures of her. Now I know why she wasn't shy! Regardless of her experience in front of the camera, Katherine's a pleasant baby, full of smiles and giggles.


I'm eager to watch her grow up and take more pictures of her!

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donna said...

hey gen! thanks for your sweet note. your pics are awesome -- your new blog is looking really good. and you were just in sf!! looks like you hit up all the right spots. :)